Food Sensitivity Testing in Aberdeen

 Are certain foods causing you health problems?

Our safe, self help programme of identifiying, eliminating and re-introducing the potentially offending foods in your diet, can help to regain good long lasting health.  




Test 1: Covers 81 food items - £42

Test 2: Covers 81 food items & 31 vitamin and mineral deficiencies - £49.95

Test 3: Covers 81 food items & 31 vitamin and mineral deficiencies & 28 E numbers - £59.95

Test 4: Covers 81 food items & 28 E numbers - £52


Children: (5-14 year olds)

Test 5: Food testing with E numbers - £42

Test 6: Food testing, vitamin and mineral deficiencies & E numbers - £49.95


Our next dates are: 


January 2020

Friday 17th

Monday 20th

Wednesday 22nd

Thursday 23rd

Friday 24th

Monday 27th

Tuesday 28th

Wednesday 29th

Thursday 30th

Friday 31st



Tests are conducted 3 times on these dates: 10am, 1130am and 1pm

Each test lasts between 1-1.5 hours, 15 minutes of which is allocated for filling in a personal questionnaire.  

At the time of booking a £20 cash deposit, or debit/credit card details, is required to guarantee your booking. 


Call 01224 590886 or e-mail to make an appointment.