MyHealth Store Membership Card


Earn points while you shop and redeem against your purchases!

Points are automatically accrued when you either swipe your card in store or use your email address to log into your account and shop with us online. 

You can keep a check of your points tally under 'My account' once you have registered and signed in to our website.



£1 spent = 1 Membership point

100 points = £5 credit


To redeem your points, send us an email with your email address. We will then send you a voucher code to use online. Points are redeemable in blocks of 100. Remember to tell us how many points you wish to redeem. 

100 points = £5 off voucher code

200 points = £10 off voucher code

300 points = £15 off voucher code

400 points = £20 off voucher code


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